some sweet treats

I didn't have cake for my birthday, last week ... but I did eat a little too much  candy this week. Tell me what are your fave Jelly Belly Beans ... cause I'm getting ready for Easter Early. 

01. Very Cherry
02. Green Apple
03. Coconut
04. Sunkist Lemon
05. Pomegranate
06. Bubble Gum
07. A&W Root Beer
08. Strawberry Cheesecake
09. Blueberry
10. Buttered Popcorn
11. Pina Colada
12. Juicy Pear
13. Peach
14. Sizzling Cinnamon
15. Dr Pepper
16. Watermelon
17. Sunkist Tangerine
18. Licorice
19. Toasted Marshmallow
20. Cotton Candy

Tell me your fave. by number in the comments ... this way I can save some to share. :)

Oh, I'll be back next week with a Reading with Robin post ...

In addition to reading Creative Girl, with Robin ... I'm also reading Creative Paint Workshop for Mixed-Media Artist by Ann Baldwin and Blogging for Bliss by Tara Frey. They are both really, really good books to read and to retain for my collection. I need to order a copy of One Thousand Gifts online as I have joined the Bloom Book Club (still waiting for it to show up locally).  

What's your magic number? Pick one 1 - 20 or pick a color


  1. Have you ever had the sour ones, oh so yumeeeeee
    my very favorite would be
    #18 Black Licorice

  2. they must all be my faves ... cause ... well you know ... a bit of a sugar binge ... someone ate them all!


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