Sneak Peek Friday: My Creative Biz Journal

Linking up with Jennifer today ... Studio JRU ... Sneak Peek Friday

I just downloaded my Right-Brain Business Plan Goddies ...  after registering for The Right-Brainers in Business Video Summit (it's FREE)  and Lisa is in the line-up of creative  entrepreneurs shareN secrets! There's so many! The summit is February 28th - March 11th and Jennifer Lee has even created a day by day schedule for us. So, grab your  book today! ... oh it's  ... The Right-Brain Business Plan book by Jennifer Lee.

The goodies from  Jennifer include some awesome PDF's and spreadsheets. Since I already had my spreadsheet ready, I just moved my BIG numbers from my sheet to hers. A bit of a head start, would you not say! Yay, it feels like it's still my birthday!

The photos in this post are of the last page of my Creative Biz journal (the GAME board)  ... which folds out to revel all the steps of my game for this new year. inspired by Lisa and her book ... The Creative Entrepreneur . Listen to this podcast with Lisa and Jamie.


  1. fun, fun, fun, fun, fun
    love it

  2. Thank You So Much Sonya For This Information! I Can See You Are Very Organized. It's One Of Those Skills I'm Truly Trying To Get A Grip On. For Sure I'll Be Checking Out The Summit! You're The Greatest For Sharing This! Have A Beautiful Weekend Sweet Friend! Hugs, Terri

  3. Artsy AND organized - love it! :o) Thanks for sharing!

  4. love it ... and thanks for the information on the Summit! Will have to check it out.

  5. Keep moving those BIG numbers! Have a great weekend.

  6. That is so neat Sonya! I love the game board that folds out... what a great idea! I will check this out. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Hi Sonya, you've certainly piqued my interest in that summit - business is the area I have targeted this year to get wiser in!


  8. Thanks for sharing the summit. Great idea for the game board fold out. Happy Weekend!

  9. Oooo- great info. I have the book, but I must check out the link. This info is so timely. fun fun! Can't wait to see your plan... hugs sonya!


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