Reading with Robin: Creative Girl - Chapter 5 & 6

Ah, reading two chapters at a time is most difficult for me. Plowing through a book is more my style ... but since I'm reading so much these days ... two chapters at a time is just divine. I wanted to give chapters 5 & 6 some serious thought and attention. But I just couldn't for my heart wasn't in it. Chapter 5 is evaluation of your current job situation and Chapter 6 is about job make-over strategies. 

Well, I'm so far gone in both of these areas ... for me There's no TURNING BACK. I've risk everything I owned and own for this creative life, that I simply have no reserves, no retreat. 

My daughter (14) starts High School in the Fall and she is an SLD student(severely learning disable) with a multi word barrier ... that means we worked on words like SUN & SON for more than two years. Before she understood the difference. Now that, I've been with her for almost 3 years (July)... there is no way I can return to work NOW ... the thought of HIGH SCHOOL is super scary for for her. 

That's where I'm at ... ready to do what it takes ... to make this work ... because outside of the lack of income ... this is My Creative Life & I love it. 

The other day, I found a Dream Journal ... I worked on ... while we were in Kelly Rae's class and it reads ...

It's Oct-Fall ... I can smell the leaves in the studio. It's so much more than full time. I am working on publishing my first book, after sells of my self-published title ... went out the roof. L & E are really happy at school this year  ... they too have embraced changed and are relishing in the transition of it all. Scottie and I are planning a Winter Wedding ...

Last night on a FREE group coaching call ... Christine Kane shared her six powers of INtention and they are elimination - attention - integration - decisions and action. 

So today I leveraged my power of Intention with some attention, integrated action of one decision to determine the outcome of our future...


  1. wow Sonya-real, raw and beautiful AS USUAL. Looking forward to what October will look like.


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