the power of releasing big dreams ... evidence

I don't know if you know it or not, but I took Kelly Rae Roberts first ever e-course And, I would take it again, even though I bought The Whole Shabang e-book. It was just that awesome.

Anyway this artist Momma is on her way to the Windy City to see her Hero ... Oprah! You can find out how the generosity of a blog reader played into her journey on her blog.

Well ... Petra created a FACE BOOK post to encourage us
(FB FlyN Friends) all to write to Oprah in regards to
How KOOL Kelly is(an e-mail campaign).

Many of us did & if you would like to ... please do so NOW. 

This e-mail campaign caught the attention of Liv 
(our FB community creator) who just so happen to know 
someone who works ... YOU KNOW WHERE ... HARPO

And now this creative Momma is more surprised than ever! 
I'm not sure if I can share that info here yet ...
but if your a Fly Friend you just might check in to our
FB community to see what's up with the KRR & Oprah

Any way ... again ... all this got me to thinking HOW releasing 
this but dream out into the universe was a BIG step for Kelly
and one we can learn from!

Yesterday ... I wrote this on FB

Let us all be brave with our dreams like this creative leader Kelly Rae Roberts ... in a First Class FlyN Friends & More Dreams & Dream Boards Blog HOP

 I love the evidence of what shareN your Dreams ... OUT in the big Wide Open
has done for Kelly ... from the blog reader who sent her the tickets to her to us! 

What BIGGER than life dream do you have to share? 

This is mine ... Que the DRUM ROLL ...

I've been secretly dreaming for 5 years 
for Ty Pennington (Cover Guy) to FIX my broken house 
so I can focus on the work of shareN stories on the web & in print

You should have seen my face ... when I found out HE (MY Hero)
was on the cover of the Issue my little studio is in!

Won't you join me in a BIG DREAMING BLOG HOP ... more info to follow


best all time