my visual biz plan exposed

Hey guys, check out my first video ... my voice is shaky & the video is a bit one sided but this is my first video EVER ... please forgive :) .. Creative Biz MarathonJournal part 1.


  1. You are brave, video! You have a pleasant and inviting voice. I think you will draw people in with video. I'm inspired by you book with a plan. I have a fuzzy brain right now. small house with kids and pets all stuck indoors. feel like I'm going in circles, dishes, cooking, laundry, TV noise, on and on. I guess thats winter for you. I think I will at least make a list today and maybe have some kind of plan. Off to work which won't be good, the Steelers lost. people have been Steeler crazy for weeks.
    nice job on the post!


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