the moment yoU had a great idea

so, it's Presidents Day
and we're off cleaning the HOUSE 
... but I'm thinking of you and 
I created a bit of an Inspirational Video
 just for you ... Check it OUT
Find the link HERE or
copy & paste this
in your browser

Love is a VERB ... sonyala


  1. I like your video. When I ask God to lead me and help me on my creative journey, usually it's beause I have so many projects going on at once and feel like I'm not getting anywhere. Well His answer for me has been MORE projects. They pop into my head or are put in front of me. The funny part is when I prayed i felt lost, when the heap of projects are added to my list, I'm happy as a lark. go figure.
    The Oprah thing sounds great..good luck with it and have FUN!
    Have a great day!


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