It's still WINTER

the calendar reads Saturday February 12, 2011
the ground is frozen
it's cold outside

we're still creating smoke when we exhale outside
the heat is on
fires are burning

cause it's still WINTER ... until spring


a bit of an editorial calendar for next week

Sunday -------  Book Review  ... Flavor for Mixed Media by Mary Beth Shaw
Monday ------  a valentine's Blogging Revelations Guest Post with Robin
Tuesday -----   What's up sonyamacdesigns .... photo shoot
Wednesday --  What's up sonyamacdesigns ... a sewing project
Thursday ----  Reading with Robin (Creative Girl)
Friday -------  Jen Jam ... studio sneak peek
Saturday ---- What's Up .. wondering words  


  1. Oh the winter Blah's!
    This time of year seems to drag. Keep creating,only 36 more days.

  2. And I LOVE that it is still winter! Only thing - - - we are starting a "warm up" today and it's going to be in the low 40's for the better part of a week - - - which makes my winter loving self pretty sad! I'd like to wait for the warm up until at LEAST March.

  3. our springs are usually our worst winter, I know weird but true

  4. It's cold out but beautiful. I love to see trees covered with snow - like in your picture - it's so peaceful. We are going snowmobiling tomorrow - I hope to take my camera and find some "untouched" wooded areas. Have a great weekend!


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