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Been shopping the net for my birthday, & sometimes, it was very difficult for me to find your shop or your store, then sometimes your store was closed. Then I remembered my little shop at BG, and how I closed it one day, out of fear & frustration. But unlike Kelly Rae Roberts, I failed to let you know I closed my BG store, so later today, since it's the first day of February & all ... I will reopen it and I'll be sure and let you know what's up, this time. With a great BIG announcement, right here on this little top of the world blog spot.


  1. ice storm here. me and my family have been stuck in the house together a lot this past month. turning to His son has kept me calm. and THANK GOD for Netflix!
    I had hoped to have something in my Etsy store Feb 1st, IT'S EMPTY. maybe I'll put my heart pixes dress in just to meet my goal and hope it's the start to filling it up!
    God bless and keep safe, I hope the ice storm missed you.


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