an editorial calendar for this week ...

I'm like this Santa ... out of season, & a bit deflated ... from working on my wordpress website!

Yesterday, my complimentary issue of Studios Magazine arrive in the black box and it is an awesome page turner, full of the most interesting studios. I just love it. I'll preview it right here later today

On Wednesday of this week I will share my birthday list with you ... my Ten for TN birthday list if  you will. Some things I have bought from Etsy and some things I have yet to buy. Oh, I forgot to tell you my birthday celebration lasts for the entire month of February.

On Thursday my actual birthday ... you will get to meet me right here (video) ... with my forty three year old teddy bear ... I'll be forty eight! And you won't see that on Face book.

Friday, it will be back to business as usual with some sneak peek studio time with Jennifer.

Oh & at some point this week ... I'll share some pictures of my bathroom renovation in progress.


  1. you are busy! will stay tuned in. I look like the Santa too. Spring is the cure.


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