Creative Girl: makes some creative adjustments

I'm reading this book with Robin and some other blog friends. And, I find it more than a wee bit ironic, that on the day I finally branch out and begin the process of paying for some help. This chapter validates my decision on not being able to do it all. There I said it. I am only one person and I cannot do it all. It's time to delegate. It's past time to build some business relationships around the more than scary dollar. 

So, In chapter four of  Creative Girl, Katharine Sise prompts her readers to assess their talents and that is just what I've been doing. What I discovered is I'm an awesome publication designer and an OK Web designer. One of my strong suites as far as graphic design is concerned is in publication design. I'm a whiz with Quark and most Adobe products but I'm just OK with HTML. So, I did it! I hire me some word press help. I hired me some programming help! No, I can't afford it. But, I can't afford not to either. I am so excited! Now I can focus on the publications & crafts, I been jonesN to create. What about you? What could you let go? What could you hire out?  


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