What's on your NOT to do list?

What are your business plans for this year.? Do you have a to do list, a not to do list ? A stop doing list? I have this super long list of things I need to stop doing. But to stop doing something requires intention and focus. In order to stop drinking carbonated beverages, I had to get disgusted at the amount of carbonated beverages at my family's Thanks Giving Dinner. Well I stopped drinking the stuff with the fizz on black Friday of last year. No more carbonated beverages for me and that means a lot more tea. It's not a New Years Resolution for me, since I quit in November. What's are your NOT to do list? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. I think you and I are on the same path, push our creative passions. I have always put my goals behind and as an after thought...everything else came first. That's a mom for you. Now I feel like I am stepping into MY life. So, what not to do...not feel bad that I spent time on my art and let other things side for a bit. Only so many hours in a day! I need a few hours for my soul to soar! I have been looking at each day as if it's my last or from the point of there will never be another Jan 2, 2011 so make the best of it...live every minute of that day, you can't get it back. I have to say it makes you want to jump out of bed every morning and have some fun.

  2. Dear Sonya-My "stop doing" list would be long..but at the top of it would be this...stop doubting mySELF...stop playing small. And YES!!! 2011 just snuck up on me!-Soraya


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