What's behind the tree?

Did you take that winter walk?
I did, with my eleven year old son.
It was freezing, so cold.

I snapped a photo of this swing from one direction

Then, I moved in a bit closer, & snapped this one.

But, it wasn't until I completely changed my perspective
that I found What was hidden behind that tree


  1. Love your new blog look! Wow--I'm gone for a few months and everybody's blogs look so great and different. You all have been busy! Sorry I haven't been around--being a single parent is hard!!!!! My hubby was across the country working and I didn't have time for ANYTHING for myself. Lord, I dont' know how single moms do it. They deserve medals of honor or a national monument in their honor. Missed you and your insights! So glad to be back:)

  2. Love your perspective! Thank you for commenting on my word...seek.

  3. WOW sweet sonya, these are really beautiful shots and i especially aodre that last one lots!! Wishing you love and joy this new year and i look forward to more adventures with you this year! Have a lovely merry happy first week of 2011! Love to you!

  4. Oh, I love these photos. I think that sometimes taking the time out to walk and look behind things can really make a difference. Peace!


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