Are you singing solo all the time?

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Are you singing solo all the time? Cause you just might tire of your own voice.
So, why not join a choir or better yet create one.

That's what we did! Creative Biz Marathon

We never sang together before. We've never met in person.We started out with a
basic choir and before knew it we were singing like an opera of classical 

There are 5 main vocal categories and descriptions that belong specifically to the classical world, and they are as follows:
1) Light
2) Lyric
3) Full
4) Dramatic
5) Coloratura

Let us look at each of these in bit more detail:

A light voice is describe as light, fresh and youthful, a sweet voice of fun, with a bit of funny.
A Lyric voice is able to sing long and even, medium. A sympathetic but acrobatic voice.
A Full voice is one which is louder and stronger. A heavy slow voice.
A dramatic voice is the most powerful. A voice of strength. A voice which carries.
A Coloratura  voice is flexible, a fast running voice.

Classical music requires at least one of the voices listed above, but more importantly, voice
combinations create the many voices that exist in classical music today.

Which voice are you? Which combinations of voices can you create, when called on to sing in a creative choir? Would you sing?

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