the root of the matter

What happens when you plant a seed?

dirt ... water, sun, air 

When you plant the bulbs in the fall

dirt ... water, sun, air 

When do you expect the bloom

dirt ... water, sun, air 

What comes first ...

after planting season

do you know, where your buttercups are?

do you know, where you planted that extra tulip?

must you wait through the


for SPRING & SUMMER to harvest


  1. I'm plugging away with magazine entries in hopes that by the time I get published I will have something in my empty Etsy store. can't wait for spring. working hard on my art farm!
    will check out the site you told me about on my blog, thanks!

  2. I I always get so excited when i see my tulips pop up for the first time. One day they just appear, saying , "surprise"


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