Queen Sweep is sold out!

If I had to choose one word for this year it would be dominion. A non refundable gift is dominion. In all that we desire to do and to be ... often many things remain undone, unkempt and uncared for. It's only when we stop to clean up our mess do we realize how to many yeses gave way to NO's.

One blogger refers to it as the Queen Sweep and started an e-class last week.

Often we are in a position of NO but yet we say YES. Planned giving and sharing gives us the opportunity to say NO and sets limits on impulsive giving and sharing.

This week

Declare Dominion Over Your Life, the class is sold out. But you already know what to do. You know how to sweep. just do it. And know you will not be alone in this declaration cause I'm  Declaring Dominion over my life as well! 

Are you ready to clean sweep your life? I am.


  1. The word for me is discernment. When to say yes and when to say no.


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