Moxie Art Supply & Studio School

Moxie Art Supply & Studio School ... photo by Russ Hilliard

First order of business today was rejection. 

Or, so I thought. 

I worked up enough courage & nerve to approach a local retail store about buying a few of my products today. Then, with my business cards, just barely out of my coat pocket. I got the LOOK, you know the LOOK ... the I'm so busy unpacking this box look ... to stop & deal with the likes of you LOOK. Well, I'm not the one. Worked in retail for too many long years to take the LOOK ... so I politely asked for more information & a pen. You know I had a pen in my pocket ... I just needed to see some movement from this clerk.

Then, desperate to find something new, something FRESH ... I kept driving ... till I stumbled upon Moxie Art Supply & Studio School.

The sight of slick new tubes of paint, canvas by the yard & by the board gave
this rejected soul a whole new reason to smile.

Rejection is just a side step in the journey ... then it's back to the path!


  1. Dearest sweet sonya, first of all CONGRATZ on working on practising your courage to approach a shop! Fears always keep me from doing things like this. :) You are my inspiration and i love your message on how sometimes rejection isn't bad at all. :) So glad and happy for you that in the end everything went well and brought you smile. Have a lovely merry happy day sweet friend and love to you!

  2. You took a step on your journey. Keep stepping!
    sending you love and light.


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