is the earth moving or is it just me?

Is the earth moving or is it just me? Sometimes, things get so crazy, I just
have to stop and watch it again and again. My favorite movie, that is.
I feel like, I'm surrounded by em. Like there everywhere. GIants or are they
just big ants?

I'm so thankful for the pause button. I'm so thankful for the ability
to express. I'm so thankful for the freedom of rest.


I began working on my teaching plans, that's right Teaching plans. In High School ... I pursued Art, Graphic Arts and Home Economics with the hope of becoming an Art Teacher ... but the economy was bad and Art was being cut from most public school programs, so design school looked awesome & Bill Blass was on the Board at O'More College of Design.

The Classes ... 

Wake UP ...
A ten week workshop designed to renew the artist in you. Rediscover & develop your creativity as you embrace the 
idea of  collaborating  with the Holy Spirit.

Journey 2 Mixed Media ...
learn to develop techniques which uses a range of different materials to create artwork (for example, ink, paint, newspaper, card, cut paper, pencil, or pastel and can incorporate photographs, computer printouts, newspaper articles. (ten weeks)

Flip your Passion ...
Flip your creative passion into an online business & blog and make good money working from home. (ten weeks)

Creative Biz Workshop ...
Create a visual business plan/journal & turn your creative passion into an opportunity for business bliss. (ten weeks)

I went ahead & purchased the dot coms as part of my creative biz plans. My three words for this year are 
dominion, dominate and domain. (ten weeks)

super scary baby steps ... but I must prepare my fields for rain, cause I'm that farmer.


  1. I see one or two classes I would like to sign up for. let me know when your ready. I'll splash them all over my blog too.
    God Bless are your preparations and sow lots of seed you good farmer!


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