Have yoU noticed?

Have yoU noticed? I'm blogging everyday! Blogging everyday is super HARD. 
And is a Hugh commitment of time.

But I do it because I've learned, there's this thing about consistency & blogging.It matters not if you blog once a day or once a week, the trick is to be 
consistent & timely. This is one of the many lessons we learned as we blogged for The Creative Biz Marathon. Once we started humming to our own rhythm, 
it was easier to hear the beat of our own drums.

I've started a new blog for my first e-book and I'm sharing tidbits of many
(not all) of the revelations in this new format.


  1. this week I have been thinking how my creative life slipped inot the back ground in Nov & Dec. I'm fighting to make it front and center. You inspire me to make it happen. I'll make sure I stop my daily to keep up on your progress. Way to go!


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