Do yoU listen?

When a tree speaks do yoU listen?

This tree spoke to me while 
in the mist of planning for my business this year.
A cold winter walk with my son,
found us standing there starring at this tree
yet another talking tree. Only this time. 
a photo of the tree was to be part of a
photo challenge

Do I dare, pose the question of this tree?


Is your target in sight?


  1. I love trees so much. mine in the front yard has a name, "hanlen" when we were going to move I wanted to take him with me, but we didnt move. I beleive that the trees get their leaves in the spring and they are all memories from what they witnessed,saw and such in the fall and winter months. when the fall comes those memories are to fall off from that year and and hold them all in the trunk of the knowledge they carry inside for the rest of their days.
    If only they would talk to me when I really needed it at times.

  2. Dearest sweet Sonya, you always have such a beautiful way of writting and sharing your thoughts each time i visit you! So inspiring and so soothing. I tend to listern alot more than i speak. I guess im that kinda person that have better listerning skills compare to writting and speaking. You tree photos is beautiful. Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!


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