Do you have a FALLback plan?

Do you have a FALLback plan?
I do

But, It would take a lot longer to get there from here
but just in case things don't work out

as I've plan or hoped & life unexpected happens ...

you know ..........................
... the new 9ft. fence
... the new roof
... the crawl space
... the driveway repairs
& so much more ...

and we have to leave this little ranch ...
due to safety or financial reasons
or both
then I have this little thing, my son and his friends call 

the FALLback plan
I know one day with enough
hard work and determination

we would arrive  

at a whole new set of issues

either way

I'm looking forward to the

joy of the challenge!


  1. Hello Sonya!
    Just wanted to come over and say a huge THANKYOU for the gorgeous postcard you sent! It arrived!!! yayyyy! I LOVE it, especially the words...just seems so timely with doing Louise Gales "Big dreams small wonders" course, where I really am focusing on dreams!! :)Thankyou sooo brightened up my weekend immensely!


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