Do you add sweetener?

Do you add some type of sweetener to your tea? Maybe blue, yellow, pink or just plain white. I know some folks like their tea unsweetened. And, many folks don't drink tea at all. Lately this sweetener thing has been heavy on my mind as I observe the drive of some and the lack of drive for many. This drive may often be directly related to the desire for some sugar in their tea. If their tea is already sweet, they may not need any sweetener at all.

As for me I like to add some plain old sugar & honey to my cup of tea.
Cause I want to make sure that my tea is as sweet as it can be.

I'm not really into the little packs, I know some folks need em for health reasons & this I understand.

So this brings me back to the question of the title of this post. 

Do you add sweetener?

Is your life sweet enough?
Is your work so sweet, you just can't stand it?

If not, it just may be time to add some sweetener 
to your pot & don't forget to stir.


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