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Find the Little Things That Put a Hop in Your Step 

Tara designed a fun worksheet to help us zero in on what pumps our enthusiasm,it's a fill in the blank work of art. Get your art on, download & fill in the blanks.

My blanks are in red. Here's a sample of her prompts & my ... hmmm

When Iʼm NOT in the kitchen, I am enthusiastic. 
When I wear sh?! kicking boots, I feel confident. 
When I talk about blogging & the new economy, I get excited & tend to ramble. 
When I exercise by George Benson, on Broadway  I have a burst of energy. 
When I look around the room, Iʼm most drawn to the color red. 
When I visit the country, I feel alive. 
When I see old barns, I get hungry for more. 
If all my obligations for tomorrow were suddenly dissolved, I would paint for 24 hours straight. 


  1. with you on the NOT in the kitchen. exercise, my 4 hour a day job keeps me hopping. they pay me to move otherwise I wouldn't do it. join a gym...for get it! making beautiful things out of trash gets me excited. I have such strong feelings about waste in our country.
    And I have a colection of barn photos too!
    impressed with all of your posts. I know how hard it is to do it every day. good work!

  2. Hi Sonya!! Thanks for letting me know! ... Oh it is magnificent!! You both did an amazing job! Thank you also for all the time you put into that.
    I was wondering if KR received it already or not...
    Monica xo


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