The Art of public transportation

I did it! I took the bus. Today, for the first time ... EVER, I road this green bus and the irony is I remember editing the copy for this radical transportation move for our city, more than three years ago. 

After my court appearance, I walked in the direction of the transportation HUB. I had no idea where it was, but I was confident that HE would keep me safe and secure.

As I got closer to where I thought it was, I spotted this woman with an umbrella and a child. Of course you know my head was covered. I yelled to this stranger as to the location of the Rover and she pointed it out to me. We stood there and chatted, while we waited on the buses. I explained to her how I knew nothing, nothing of this bus riding thing and she explained it all to me and gave me one of her bus passes. I was so giddy to pull the string before my stop, the bus driver thought I was new to the city. 

And to think ... the Rover Transportation Hub is right across the street from Moxie Art Supply and Studio School.

HE is always working in the background, as the greatest conductor!

Love is a VERB ... SonyaLa


  1. I know how scary it is. when we went to Mexico you get on and hang on, theres no waiting. In san Fran at leat they give you a few seconds to find something to grab onto. I almost flew down the isle there on a bus about a year ago. Ill stick with my car as long as I can.

  2. Good for you Sonya! It is great to do something you have never done before! Feel the Fear and do it anyway!!! Fun!

  3. Thank you for sharing this lovely story!! xo


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