Almost Face Book FREE this week!

a new project in the pot!

My 48th birthday is less than a month away! Last year after Kelly's e-class, I finally understood that all those strange little combinations of words in my head were titles to a few books, with some fabric design thrown in here and there. In order to get my important work done in a timely fashion, I've decided that I must be almost Face Book FREE during the work week. With several new projects , stiring around in the pot, someone around this little studio must get a handle on things and it must just be me. Deadline of Friday awaits me!

It's time to start plugging the numbers into your P&L statement for 2010. Get on the list for Accounting Spot and your be forever grateful!

Oh, be sure and check two awesome post from my marathon biz buds, Laura & Robin.

love is a VERB ... Sonya La!


  1. I guess Face Book can be a much is not good for you. I was very social in Dec..didn't get any art work done. I'm ready to get back to work. The Jan. Sketch book challenge theme is Highly first sketch is of my current art piece. but TIME is really what I prize. those hours working on a project are my sweetner...getting that time can be a struggle. when I get the time for can't get any sweeter.

  2. Dearest sweet sonya, yipee to another almost free facebook week!! I totally understand how social media can drain us! Wishing you a lovely merry happy week and love to yoU!

  3. LOVE the title, the cover design, and being Facebook free this week. You are a doll!


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