What is your unique gift?

This is a question Lisa Sonora Beams poses in her book The Creative Entrepreneur. This is a question, that  caused me to pause while listening to one of Holly Becker's podcast during her e-course Blogging Your way. Since both of my parents are deceased, it's painful to look back and even more pain full to dig back, but I did it anyway and yes I cried. My Mother read my thoughts in my journals, when I wasn't looking, until one day I caught her, as a rebellious child this event caused me to stop writing but the unique word combinations never stop flowing. I just quit capturing them. Working through all of this pain, cause me to realize that my Mother was in awe of me, in awe of the beauty she helped create. My Mother was in awe of the words I wove together. 

What has really surprised me this week is how those estrange words together create unique patterns for fabric designs. One of my early dreams, when I was but a child was to design fabrics. 

The research has started, the writing has started, one of my take action now steps for the new year is to design & present my first line of fabrics to and for the quilt industry. 

List one of your take action now steps no for the new year
in the comments below....


  1. cloth paper scissors has a fabric design reader challege in their new issue. might get you published but really just a small step.

    my unique gift...patience..will be on my tombstone.."patience of a St." if you knew my husband!

  2. I'm still laughing at Jill's comment above- I think we all have one of those husbands!
    I was starting my New Years list just this morning so I haven't got to the steps to take part yet. I'm still sorting out the what's really important and what I can just let go.
    God bless you on your fabric design journey.

  3. I am committed to buying a new camera body and doing more photography in 2011. I've also made a commitment to eating green vegetables in 2011! From the sublime to the not-so-ridiculous.


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