What did not go well in 2010?

I've been thinking about what did not go well in 2010 for me, my family & my biz, and I must take full responsibility for all plans, that just happen to go astray or did not go well. There so many learning opportunities, I can't begin
to share em all with you. I really believe there is a reason for everything, even the painful thing. So as I review 2010 in my head and on paper ... I 'm starting with the low notes of 2010 so I can end on a High note ... but, this is the thing ... every new day we get a second chance on tomorrow, so I'll not dwell on the things of yesterday, but I will try my best to be more for this day, the here, the right now  ... because as my Daddy use to say ... tomorrow is promised to no one... yesterday is but a .... amazed in HIS grace today.  It's all a expected gift. Merry Christmas


  1. what about all the things that went right???
    I think Flying Lesson was a bright spot. I'm a look ahead kind of person. learn my lesson and know better next time. go forth today and do good, love and try your best.
    that's all we can do. do your best today.
    God loves you today and last year and next year,

  2. merry christmas to you sonya, god bless you!

  3. I liked this post.
    Merry Christmas and I hope everything goes right in 2011, for you and for me !!


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