This old house

home, march 1, 2009
She was nine, he was six and I was five years younger than I am today. When we journeyed to this little place we call home. Five years of renovating, five years of building up and tearing down. Five years of making due with little, with less, five years of learning just what's best. The little, the less is we're car less and Middle Tennessee is car heavy. We walk to the store together, I get weekly rides to the grocery store, we ride the bus to church and they ride the bus to and from school, I'm here at home when the mail runs and I'm here at home, when my children get off the school bus with stories of stink bombs and agendas to be signed. We walk the dog and feed the cat, sometimes we step across the street to fish or canoe, a little ranch house with hardwood floors, a fireplace, two kids, a dog and a cat. 

Tonight I listen to a free webinar ... 
Yes You CAN "Write A Book In A Single Weekend!Let Me Show You How…

from Author Peggy McColl and she was single and self employed when she launched her first book. This photo above makes me dream of a winter wedding. 


  1. hi there!

    sounds like you've come a long way. into a settling of sorts. lovely.

  2. gorgeous my friend! Praying that GOD continues to make your hopes and dreams come into existence xo

  3. A beautiful post - I can feel your love and see a real family with a peaceful home. You are a strong person. Thumbs up for you!


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