Santa & the Snow Man Blog Hop

I'm super excited to be  participating in Angela Flicker’s, A Crafty Blog Hop this holiday season but as a single Mother, I must confess. I only shop for my children as my folks are deceased. Our entire Christmas from, food to gifts is geared toward one 14 year old girl and one 11 year old boy. My birthday is in February and then it's time for our house to be all about me and for the entire month as the winter weather can crush a winter birthday. I always like to surprise my kiddies with ornaments and one day we hope to have a tree full of only Santa ornaments ... so I did a bit of Esty shopping and I found a few of Santa's things lurking at me ... over there. OK, so I forgot the number 3, please forgive me.
1.Glitter felt Snowman ornament
2.Adult Santa Hat
4.Santa's Red flannel long johns
5. Glass Santa Ornament
Yesterday Kristen wrote about a Handmade Easy button and tomorrow it's close to the end with DEE DEE ... Merry Christmas and remember to vote to keep Santa FREE 


  1. # 4 is to cute! hope all the business bugs got worked out. I can't wait to kick off the new year. hope to go in a different direction. I'm going to stop the window dressing and maybe try for a jurored art show.
    Merry Christmas,

  2. That's sweet that you surprise your kids with ornaments --my mom use to do that. Good luck working towards that Santa tree. I bet it will be adorable!

  3. I agree with Angela, I think the Santa tree is a great idea. It's like starting your very own family tradition, something you can do every year together!

  4. Very cute! We do the same thing with ornaments. My boyfriend and I give each other a special ornament every year, and one day we hope to have a tree full of ornaments that represent something about us.

  5. I used to love when my mom decorated for Christmas. She'd pull out the ornaments, and pick which kind of tree we'd have. Growing up we had a 7 dwarfs tree (from Snow White - I don't know why, but was always cute) or a gingerbread man tree. I think an all Santa tree would be awesome!

  6. i love ornaments! these are all super cute. I love Santa's long johns! haha. wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

  7. I love the glass Santa ornament! So cute :)


  8. Adorable ornaments, Sonya! My mom made a Santa's long johns ornament several years ago.


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