Sally & Me

sally & me ... boutique models ... funny now!
Today is Sally Jane's birthday and I can't begin to tell you just how old she might be or how young she really is. What does age matter, when you begin again and again from the same page ... flipping father time off as if he mattered not. 

Sally and I met not long after I finished design school (1985) after I decided life in the big city, just wasn't for me, after I decided mass retailing wasn't for me. After I realized after 7 days, that Seventh Ave just wasn't for me. Now I remember, it was 1988, I had just retired, that's right ... retired from mass retailing (I started working to send myself to design school when I was 16).

She was my boss at my new boutique gig and together we worked at three Nashville boutiques, usually she was the manager and I the assistant, we walked the show floors buying clothing and jewelry and a whole lot more. We devoured our favorite Mexican foods, drank wine, and more wine, bought more clothing & stuff, than one can imagine.

We found loves together and we lost loves together, each time, sharing nothing but the hope of a lasting, loyal partnerships that would lead to marriage. Each time we would help each other mount the love horse and each time one would extend the hand to the other for the dismount with more hope than ever before.

We've both come to understand over the years, that Love and loyalty are our common ground, our connection, we've both come to understand that not everyone loves as deep as some. But we now know that we do and that's OK, if all the others walk away ... cause we loved em with everything we got with everything we've been given and when we run low on love, we've found ourselves to be the Well girls, we both know, where the Well is, sometimes we just need a little help to get to it.

We have this singleness, nakedness connection with each other, that most will never know ... she is my sister, our lives have been in such a parallel state for so long ... it's one of the most amazing and honest relationships I have ever known, loved and honored.


  1. Thank you for sharing this lovely photo and story. It doesn't surprise me one bit that you are/were a model. Pretty lady!


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