I'm so super excited, Google and Amazon both in the e-book business. This may change everything. This is a new day and publishing is a new game. Think about what used to be impossible is now possible. Think of delayed dreams, that now erupt again and again. Yet, this is only the beginning, and here we are in the mist of it all ... like so many who gave up radio for TV ... then radio caught a life line ... the automobile. I'm a book lover at heart, I want to fall asleep with a good one ... but boy does this e-book platform give me a better chance of falling asleep with a book title of my own. Here's to dreaming BIG! More to come on all of this news ... but this girlie got some work to do. What's the name of your book?


  1. How fun! I've been watching the e-book self-publishing world for awhile now Sonya! To me it is like artists selling their work online and not needing a "gallery". Authors now have the power to publish their own work.

    The name of my book: "Excuse Me, I've Got To Go... The Universe is Calling!"

    Happy writing!

    xoxo Valerie

  2. Hi Sonya-thanks for helping us all stay up to date on the newest innovations. My book is called "Find your Creative Peace"

  3. enjoyed your Sally & Me story.

    My book WILL BE called "Subtraction". I am learning to remove stuff and other things that distract me from what is important. I'm also exploring what I can take out of my art and still have art. Or maybe the book will be called "Distilled and Filtered" "Subtraction" is more to the point and simple.
    thanks for the words,


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