How are yoU going to end 2010 with a HIGH note?

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We play a little game during dinner at our house. It's a game a friend shared with me, many years ago. After some prayer time, when my children's plates are full of the mystery of what I have prepared for dinner ... we begin our high/low game at the round table. One at a time, each of us ... thinks back through our day ... and we decide on a single low point of the day, we would like to share with the family. Then we each share our low point with the family. After we share our low point, it's time to think back through our day and share our HIGH point. Each of us ends our family sharing time on a HIGH note, that's the rule of the game. End on a HIGH note.

While reflecting on this past year and looking forward to the new year, I've made a commitment to myself to cut this song (2010) on a HIGH note and I will not be singing alone - for more on this and one super special announcement, keep checking back here, but for now, let me know in the comments, how yoU plan to end 2010 on a HIGH note? That's a question, give me some answers :) ... Merry Christmas & Happy New Year


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