Blogging Revelations - Vlogs = video logs

If you're feeling like it's super difficult to keep up, you're right. My Boro Help-Portrait event was extremely successful. I shot 15 to 17 new subjects, but as a Help-Portrait Partner, I'm limited to only releasing videos and photos of the event and not individual portraits and since I was either really overly concerned about people showing up or snowed with people who did show up to shoot. I failed to capture event photos. It would have been easy as pecan pie on Sunday to have a video camera rolling, which would have left me free to shoot ... which brings me to my next point.

Maria Andros - do you know/follow her? Gideon Shalwick, do you know/follow him? Then there's Jenn Flaa. If you're not thinking video for the new year ... you simply must. Oh, and then there's my You Tube channel ... no video, no design, nothing, what gives ... What about your channel? Have you bought one yet? Oh, dang, I forgot You Tube is FREE

I'm about to figure out just how they are making their You Tube pages so pretty and I'll share that info with you right here, so check back ... cause I'm about to add a little bling to mine.


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