Blogging Revelations - Blogging on your Sabbath

The term "Sabbath" derives from the Hebrew Shabbat (שַׁבָּת), "to cease", which was first used in the Biblical account of the seventh day of Creation

In the year 2011, It will appear as if I blog on Sunday, but I will not be blogging on Sunday. Sunday will be my Sabbath and I will cease to blog/work on Sundays. The new year will find me using the blogger scheduler as a tool to bring more consistency to my blogging. I will be sharing a blogger case study on consistency in my upcoming E-book Blogging Revelations (how to start blogging with purposepassion and power)

On Blog Sundays I will be sharing with you highlights from sermons I've listen to or studied throughout the week. 

During this Christmas season and beyond, my pastor requested that we adopt three new action words to our life and our vocabulary, these words really pierced my heart today as I looked into the eyes of one of our bus ministry children while singing There Is Room in My Heart for Thee. As I sang this tune and looked into the face of this little boy, I wondered is there room in my heart for thee, this child in my arms, this child who is not my son and then I cried ... What's new. What do tears, my tears change for any one?


How do these words speak to you, what is the result of the use of these action words in your life?

Have you intentionally set aside some time to Marveled 
at/in who HE is in your life?

Have you been moved by the power of the Holy Spirit 
in positive action?

Have you become a Messenger who is both 
marveled and moved beyond your own thoughts


best all time