Blogging Revelations - 3 Steps 2 Customize your You Tube Channel

If Google is the new Tube, Yahoo owns Flicker and Facebook owns Facebook, who do you run to ... next. Key word rich posts on You Tube increase your Google page ranking. Yesterday I promised to uncover the secret behind channel design on You Tube and today I did. There ain't no secret. It's simple as pie. I've over designed mine to make this very point. Log into your You Tube Channel and follow the simple steps below. Largest image size is 256K.

1. Under advanced options ... change your page themes and colors or 
   create your own with web friendly colors.
2. Upload your jpeg image via the upload button and check tile or leave unchecked. 
3. Save and your done.

Many of our Blogging friends have some awesome looking channels out there ...

Are you thinking video for 2011?


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