Are you ready for a Marathon?

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Trying so hard to get it all done by Friday when my children get out of school for the holidays, but they are home today and go to school, one hour late tomorrow due to snow. Working in the house and in the studio depending on the temp. My laptop has a virus, my big apple design machine is still down, even after repairs and I shot an entire plug in the studio ... No stress, at all. This is the thing guys ... when Monday January 3, rolls in ... It's my hope and prayer that I'll be ready business/personal wise on the very first day of the new year ... What about you ... Are you ready for a Marathon?


  1. Dearest sweet sonya, im loving all your new 2011 designs! They are gorgeous. :) You are preparing way ahead of me for the year 2011. Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!


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