Are you ready for change?

Paint brushes in a lead crystal ice bucket? A radical indication of CHANGE 

On Monday, while shooting, somehow I wrenched my back and bad I tell you. Yesterday I was thinking of ramps and wheelchairs, but after some prayer time with my children and HIM prompting me to walk thought the pain, I'm hopeful that my back will soon return to my normal.

Then ... on a short painful walk to the studio, I noticed this lead crystal ice bucket frozen in time and I stepped back in the kitchen doorway and captured this image, it was at that moment I understood fully how happy I am to be me. It was at the moment of capture, that I got it. Walking or not, wheel chair or not, pain or not ... my heart would continue to be inspired, only my perspective would change.

Are you ready for change?


  1. Love the photo and the story that goes with it. And yes, I am ready for change!


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