Standing Here

Standing here on the other side of this pond, my pond ... the pond I dug out of the ground, on a random Sunday, with a friend who is no longer a friend, who was maybe never a friend. I dug the clay colored dirt out and thew it to the side, I used that dirt to fill other holes in the yard, but yet this giant hole still remained, so we covered the hole with some store bought plastic and filled it with my tears. And now I'm standing here, no longer who I was ... AND ... I am yet who I'm meant to be! Reflections on looking forward to the new ME!


  1. Beautiful and touching. Cyber *hugs* to you.

  2. this is BEAUTIFUL - it's the honesty. i think the journey into who we are is a subtractive practice, meaning we emerge by letting go of what we aren't by embracing our joy, inspirations and inner musings.

    I really think we can't be good at anything - nothing - unless we are truly enjoying ourselves. I don't mean this from an ego point of view rather a soul point of view. you know, that inner compass that makes us feel solid, centered and no matter the task or event determined to move towards it - follow it. i know what you mean about loosing a friend. it sucks. no doubt. I feel for your loss. know that the sun does come again - and soon your heart will be singing again. just as the seasons - it will pass and sometimes knowing that, focusing on that during a heartbreak helps me move through it. be well. much love + light to you and yours

  3. The pond is beautiful with its reflections, just like your writing.

  4. dearest sonya,
    i can so feel your words. i've been reflecting on some of my past friendships, wondering where they went wrong. but i have to stop beating myself up and realize it's a 2 way street. communication in all relationships is a key ingredient to a pleasant one. may time and new friendships fill the void of your loss.

  5. I adore this. Did you write this. Its wonderful. I envy anyone who can write like that. It is a gift!

  6. Beautiful picture and very touching words.
    Sometimes friends leave our lives and were companions just for a limited time.
    They change. We change. Sometimes into opposite directions.


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