peck with a pattern of passion & power

My pastor is on his game and Sunday Morning at ten a.m., it was game time. He is an awesome pastor but lately either I need to be feed more than ever or He is just on his game more than ever. Since, I had to be dragged to Church on Sunday, I'm gonna go with me needing to be feed. He spoke of the way we should walk daily in our Christan life and he made three points.

No Reserves
No Retreats
No Regrets

On a short walk the other day with my camera, I spotted this bird, pecking away excavating a hole in this dead tree limb for nesting. There are several types or tribes of the North American Woodpeckers and their habits are all distinctly different. But one thing is for sure, they don't stop pecking till the hole is made and all the while they do this with ...


these are the tools my pastor spoke of on Sunday and we all have the same access to em, but do we use em, do we use one with the other or do we use one without the other. Or do we wait and use all three, all the time cause we have NO Reserves. Do you have any reserves, any reservation about the assignment HE has equipped you for and placed right before your very eyes? I was beginning to have some doubts ... until Sunday morning.


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