love is a VERB # 1

Reading, reading and more reading ... I must have enrolled myself in some kind of school, while my back was turned to me. I'm on my fourth week of writing  in the Artist Way Journal, (reading the book as well) I only missed two days of the last twenty-one days ... Yep, I'm patting myself on my back. Finding Divine Inspiration was such a speed read for me, that I just might have to reread it to join in on the Book Discussion at Created by Faith site. I've fallen in love with Janice Elsheimer and all she has to share in her book The Creative Call. It just feels good to have some written background on Creative Collaborations with the Father, All four of these books have really help me to see my creatively more clearly. You can find these links to these titles and more in the right sidebar. What are you reading these days?


  1. I am reading The Alphabet verses the Goddess. While I don't agree with all the author's conclusions, I particularly enjoyed his take on the history of the early church and how Christian thought developed beginning when the gospels were written. I always wondered how so many of the teachings of the church that seemed counter to my understanding of the teachings of Jesus wandered into our theology.


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