He was waitN 4 U

What was it that made her miss the bus, was it the weight of her bags, or the familiar smell of defeat. Sabrina, Daughter of the King, he was waiting for you the entire time. The bus driver saw you in his rear view mirror. He saw you open the door and step out into the fresh new day with great faith. He saw you begin to run down the walk way with fierce speed and determination. He saw you steady your pace as the rubber of your shoes hit the pavement of the busy street. But, then you paused, you hesitated ... for reasons unknown you turned back. I was standing there with him as a witness. He was waiting for you Princess Sabrina. I could see it on his face as he opened the little window to speak to me. He planned to greet you daughter with an open door. once you boarded the bus he planned to give you a great big smile. Can you see the sheer disappointment on his face as he and I realized you just quit the race?


  1. well my dear you got me again. I was just thinking about offering a co-worker a ride to work. She has been without a car for 3 months. I don't really know her. But over the last two months at our part time job she has told me what a mess her life is. we live in a small town so I've heard stuff about her and her husband. my life is going so well, do I want them to bring me down. So here I go to Face Book and offer her a ride to work, its out of my way. My calaner will now be marked with a gift to give and a don't give up..on me giving back and no giving up on a new friend.
    thanks again. your blog is important, keep going!


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