Happy Holidays already ...

Wow, what a week it has been. Yesterday the studio laptop (PC) came down with the same virus as me, the ole faithful mac will no longer work even with a $65 repair, so I decided to try my hand at Adobe In design again and I just love it but truth be told I luv me some Quark more. All this to say I'm Thankful to God for my Internet connection and all the beauty my mail box has brought me this week. Such beautiful and meaningful connections and if you have not received mine yet, do not worry ... U will.

Thanks to Beth and Suzanna for creating and organizing the Great Big Post Card Swap 2 and The FlyN Friends Ornament Exchange. They have both lifted my spirits in these the beginning of THE grey days of Tennessee Winter 2010!

1.Home is where the heart is with 3 hearts (how could she know?) Thanks Colette
2.Peace Birdie Domino with sparkles ... Luv ... Thank U .. Lorrie Everitt
3.Rusty Bell & Tree ... How I love Rust ... Thanks Kris
4.Bottle Cap Snow Man ... More Love ... Thanks Curlie Girlie

Holiday luvN over here N Tennessee!


  1. those are some great postcards!

    Thanks for stopping by and for your birthday wishes =-) Looking forward to seeing you in the Journal Your Dreams flickr group!

  2. Hi, glad the postcard arrived to add a little cheer to your day.
    Love those decorations too - you had a good week!

    Colette x

  3. Really nice surprises in the mail! Love it.


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