Generosity in Giving

It's Week 2 of Generosity! on Spring Inspiration

The Spring prompt of the week is: When and/or how does generosity turn into being taken advantage of?

Wikipedia defines generosity as the habit of giving freely without expecting anything in return. When the choice is no longer that of the giver then one is being taken advantage of. When saying yes to someone = saying NO to ourselves then one is being taken advantage of. Often the calls or request, come out of the blue or are presented as impulisive opportunities for one to give or share. This is why, it's O so important to plan your giving and to maintain a giving calendar, so you can self protect and not be caught off guard.


  1. Now there's an idea!

    Thank you for making me smile with your comment on my 'creative validation' post - it was filled with wonderful attitude!


  2. Hello! I came across your post on creativity on Seededbuzz and linked my own blog post on this topic to yours. Just wanted to say hi.

    - Lauren


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