From Rebecca 2 Sonya

This week in my mail box I discovered my very first ornament for the exchange I am doing with friends from Kelly Rae's Flying Lessons Class. Organized by Suzanna. It's from Rebecca 2 me. And it felt so grand to open something other than a bill. I thought this package was intended for some famed magazine editor or something, so thoughtful ... right down to the very last detail ... some pretty printed clear tape. Thanks Rebecca ... U made my day! And, your ornament is the first to hang on this little studio Christmas tree. Have you started any new Christmas traditions this year?


  1. Oh how exciting! So pretty! I too am in an ornament swap! I can't wait to get my names so I can see who I sent them to.

  2. Dearest sweet sonya, this is such a beautiful ornament!! The ornament swap does sound like lots of fun! Im also in the process of making some ornament for christmas package swap...indeed lots of fun! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  3. I feel so honored to be the first ornament hung on you tree. You made my heart soar with your comment "I thought it was intended for a famed magazine editor". To be honest it was made and packaged with Dollar Store items everything except the beads and angel were from there. It goes to show that beauty can be found everywhere.


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