Fall Quilt Market 2010

Copyright Sonya La McCllough 2010

Every time I turn my head someone, somewhere is talking about or blogging about The Fall Quilt Market in Houston, so since this sister has an Internet connection, I thought I would just jump right in and see what all the talk is about. Two new to quilt market fabric designers were a hit .... Jenean Morrison & Daisy Janie. Amy Butler, Anna Marie Horner and Tina Givens continue to create waves with their sassy booth work and their fabric designs. Lizzy House speaks up and share the not so glamours side of market. And I just love the design work of Tula Pink ... and then there is this list ... below ... The Bond & respond QUILT has made it home and True's Momma sends her gratitude and many Thanks!


  1. Sonya, this is a fantastic post! Thank you! I'm bookmarking it so that I can come back and look up MORE of these fabric designers, as I've been thinking of venturing into this market myself!


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