Expecting 2 swing

every year I take a picture of this swing, it is just a short walk from our house.  Today I feel as if I'm on this swing, my feet touching the ground, but I'm not swinging, I've lost touch with the rhythem of me ... my song, be it a bit different is the song that God gave me to sing ... my tone, be it a bit different is the tone HE so blessed me with, so I'll pray for the return of my song with great expectations to push off with my own two feet and swing again.


  1. What a poignant image. I hope you find your song. You have been a song to others, including myself, with your creativity, zest for life and positive energy. I hope you can focus on yourself a little bit and rejuvenate your strong spirit. Hang in there. And, know that you are not swinging alone.

  2. SoNyA - thank you for sharing such a personal post. I hope that He restores your song and we read about you dancing in Him again soon!


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