Blogging Revelations - the Ebook

As a modern day newspaper page designer/copy/photo editor, I was required to edit Associated Press copy  and photos in order to create a daily newspaper page by page, night by night. Daily newspapers are created at night, so they are fresh news in your driveway before your coffee is perked in the morning. But my job didn't end there, another job requirement was for me to meet a nightly deadline at the press, which required transmitting the newspaper files to the press via the Internet. Well I bet you though my job ended there ... guess what it didn't. I was also required to create a blog post every 15 minutes. Yes, I had to select some content, select a photo and or mug shots and write a headline ... every 15 minutes. Considering, the fact, that my two children were home alone and the local emergency scanner might just blast my home address across the line at any moment, I just had to quit.

In my E-Book ... Blogging Revelations ... I will revel some secrets I have stumble upon. If the threaten Newspaper Industry deems it necessary to blog news every 15 minutes ... what does that say about consistency? Find out more ... Buy the e-book Blogging Revelations ... coming soon Thursday November 25, 2010. What started as nine revelations, has turned into more than eighty ... but I also found a note written by my hand that spoke of an old German Proverb ... He who is afraid of doing too much always does too little.

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