The Art of Giving - Donate Art

My first Holiday Open House and Studio tour went very well, many friends and family members dropped by both Saturday & Sunday. Each guest received a special gift of Art inspired by HIM from me. But then I found myself removing framed artwork from my studio wall as a donation for a local ministry's annual silent auction ... Last call for Grace. As mixed media artwork, both pieces contain my photography. And, I just want to share with you how I am amazed in his grace today as this silent auction became a photo assignment event for me ... can you believe how HE flipped a love donation into work. I can cause that's just how HE is ... his mercy is everlasting!


  1. So glad your studio tour went well, and that your gifting was so quickly rewarded. That gifting is one of the miracles I keep having to remind myself of.

    Guess we are on a path together, in a way...My firts studio tour is weekend after next. I'm working hard to get ready for it, having spent so much time interviewing some of the other artists on the tour, taking care of family, and...oh so many odds and ends that show up. Thank goodness for two snow days of uninterrupted studio work!


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