The New Blue

In love with gray/blue or blue/grey, that's really all I have to say. Wow, that's so poetic. The blue/grey ribbon will soon become my ornament for one of my Face book FlyN friends or no, that is not right, I need to make eleven, not one and do I want any for myself, yes I sure do. Well now, I guess it's back to the Hobby Lobby for me.

Oh, just to let you know
on Friday Afternoons, by 3PM CDT time,
you'll find some not so pretty web news,
right here ... mark your calendars.
Let me know in the comments, just how are you gonna step up your game?

Sonya La
Daughter of the KING


  1. nicely photographed! Yesterday I read a lot of advice on etsy about using props in photos to create a feeling. You have really done it!


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