Men's Day ... Web 2.0

Yes this is my weekly or monthly Men's day. My kids and I use to love to go to Locust Ridge Primitive Baptist Church on Sundays with my Dad and every November, they set aside a day just for the men. Sometimes all the men get together and come up with the same snappy suite to wear and sometimes they just ad an apron or two so they can cook up some pancakes for the congregation. Now, that's men stepping up their game and sometime ladies, we need to take a hard look at our game. Last night I listened to Ryan Deiss talk Perpetual Traffic, I didn't even know what Perpetual traffic was. Well it seams that Google has set up some checks and balances to weed out spamers, when it come to AdWords and AdSense. Overall Ryan stresses how important it is for  a blog or blogs to generate more human traffic. Next up is Darren of course, this guy is such a straight shooter and he spares no words to get us to understand things like CRITICAL steps for blogging success. I love to listen to Clay and Dave on their B&M show, there is always something of value in the mist of these two guys, and it's also kinda like a twofer. Dave is still an absolute giver, but you never know when this might change, cause this man if floating his own boat. Finally, this week Jeff Johnson of Non-Stop Traffic Formula is my pick for the generosity award.

Traffic is important, a little SEO knowledge carries yet another high price tag. Why you say? Cause you don't want all the buying traffic, just surfing by your shop. Do you ever sneak a peek of the men of WEB 2.0?


  1. Dearest sweeet sonya, men's day sounds so fun! These links are really interesting! Traffic to our blogs is really important...thanks so much for sharing. Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!


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