Decor8 Calendar Round-up

Holly of Decor8 has started her annual Calendar Round-up and you can see some fine examples of her favorites over at her blog of course. As a single Mother and daughter of the King, this journey to inspire you is often an isolated one and I am extremely Thankful to Holly for her willingness to share her creative audio voice via mp3's in her BTW course. The course for this year is just about over, but I(as a student) am able to download the mp3' to my desktop or Ipod (if I had one) and listen to her encouragement/advise over and over again, as I sew, cook or whatever ... I just picture her talking directly to me.   

Here is my desk calendar, that I submitted to Holly's round-up. You can find the link to it, right here in my sidebar or at MagCloud. There is still time for you to create one, if you like. I posted a template to my over at my Scribd page.  I don't know, if mine will make it into The Calendar Round-up or not, since I procrastinated, pretty pictures I did not get in. Either way, I'll mark my calendar for next year. Are you taking notes for the new year?


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